About Us

BellaVisions, Inc. was founded in 1991 in Altamonte Springs, Florida as a distributor of Australian Gold  suntan lotions and suncare products to the tourist and surf shop industries. In 1992 a display manufacturing division was added, and in 1998 our product lines were expanded to include eye wear and accessories. In 2001 we added Mauna Kai Hawaii Jewelry and Sunglasses, as well as private label logo items. The Aztec Group eye wear and accessories joined our stable late in 2006.

BellaVisions now sells hundreds of different items to customers and retail outlets in The USA, The Caribbean, Latin America, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Known for outstanding service, fast shipping, beautiful, innovative displays, and top quality products, BellaVisions continues to grow as our customers have come to expect the best from us.

We’ve experienced steady and impressive sales growth because we are very good at what we do. We remain good at what we do because we value each customer just as we did in 1991 when we only had a few. We will continue to add products and clients, we will strive to be an innovative company, and we will always maintain our old fashion, small town attitudes about customer service and quality. Let us provide you with a customized program of products and displays that will meet your needs and maximize the profit potential of your stores.

Our growth has created an opportunity for you. All of our products, from small orders to entire stores, are now available to be sold at retail stores all across the world. Now you can use our buying power to save money when buying inventory creating a great profit margin.

And, although we call these items “beach” supplies, most everything is also applicable to swimming, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

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980 Sunshine Lane
Suite N
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Phone: (407) 786-7343
Fax: (407) 788-3231
E-mail: info@bellavisions.net